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Education for Sustainable Development

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All learning materials (video lectures, course literature, etc.) in these courses are in English.

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Self-paced:Teaching Sustainability in Higher Education - from Theory into Practice (self-study course)

This training is aimed at lecturers in higher education who want to have an introduction to teaching and learning for sustainable development. The training is conducted as a self-study course where participants have access to all course materials via our web platform, Snowflake Toolkit. The course is conducted at your own pace.

This course is intended for those who want a proper orientation in teaching and learning for sustainable development.

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197 USD

Cohort-based: Teaching Sustainability in Higher Education - from Theory into Practice (Scheduled)

This course is aimed at higher education lecturers who will receive an extensive introduction to learning for sustainable development through the course, the opportunity to meet colleagues from other institutions, and discuss various challenges. For those inclined, there is also the possibility to carry out a small mini-project on which the course leader will provide feedback. This course is conducted through two online sessions (3 hours each) + you will meet some of the other course participants at two group meetings (1 hour each), as well as self-study via our web platform Snowflake Toolkit.

This course is aimed at those who want to get a thorough orientation in teaching and learning for sustainable development, build networks in this area, and receive feedback on their thoughts on getting started/advancing in their own teaching.

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495 USD

Coaching Program: Sustainability Education in Higher Education

This program is intended for eg. (1) lecturers in higher education, (2) sustainability coordinators, and (3) program directors/educational leaders. Participants will have access to the same course material as in the courses above, but in this program, you will work dedicatedly with a mentor/coach who will help you with all the practical aspects of how you/your institution can further integrate sustainability in your education program.

You will receive concrete tools to address the integration of sustainability at course and program level, and to independently lead or coach teachers at your institution in this work.

An extensive teaching material to teach sustainability is also included, as well as access to our web platform, Snowflake Toolkit. After the training, participants will also receive teacher authorization to the platform for a limited time and can use both this and a number of learning games for sustainability in their own and/or colleagues' teaching duties.

This training is for those who are serious about starting/developing their sustainability education activities and need access to concrete tools and instructions - or those who will help colleagues with this

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3,997 USD